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After 11.5 months of work. Chirality was released today and collected 3 awards. Best VFX, Audience Choice Award and Best Film. We are all extremely happy and humbled by the attention it recieved.


An online release should be up soon.


Well, University is almost over. 1 week left until our final projects are finished. I decided to get a personal project started for the summer. I am wanting to build this all in 3D.

I have updated my website with the final version of the Chirality Matte Painting. And this is the poster that was rendered last week for our film day exhibition. We are all excited to finish the project and show the audience.


Chirality Establishing shot update

Among working on a couple other projects at the minute, here is an update of where the establishing shot is at. I am now going to unify the whole image by fixing shadows and some colour in areas before I start working on the projection and clouds on cards.

Chirality Establishing Shot

Ive recently started the Establishing Shot Matte Painting for our project. I used the low poly geometry as a silhouette to help me frame my elements in the matte painting. This is the last frame of the 200 frame sequence.

Chirality Establishing Shot.

Inner Sanctum Flythrough

With the preproduction document finished with around 225pages, we have been able to get a render going.
Here is the environment we have been working on for our final year project.

Shots are starting to get underway.
If you are interested in updates for our project check out our facebook page.
Chirality Facebook Page


We have started the facebook page for our final year project for University. You can keep up to date with it by following us here.

Chirality is a student short film currently in production. Chirality draws on classic RPG archetypes & game cinematics for its inspiration & visual style.

Here you can see the first test render of one of our hero characters "Moloch" This test of Moloch was rendered using the Arnold render engine.

For frequent updates please follow us here on vimeo or over on facebook over at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chirality/393294827487488

Thankyou – Team Chirality